Invitation to Participate 

writer-1What is LODI365?

LODI365 is an online forum dedicated to Lodi, California that will operate in “real time”. That is, articles written by designated “Authors” and comments by registered “Commenters” appear immediately without editorial review.

The Good, Bad & Ugly

Creating a public forum is tricky. How do you encourage passionate expressions on topics of public interest without inviting abusive speech?  How much nonsense do you allow before it ruins a good thing?  For that matter, how do you define “nonsense” and “good”?  We’ll leave that to the philosophers.  LODI365 will find a balance by inviting thoughtful members of the community to publish their own unedited articles when and as often as they desire. In turn, others in the community will be given the opportunity to express supportive or contrary points of view in real time after their first comment is approved. In the process, maybe we’ll learn something.

Real Names vs. Anonymity

Some may feel that a valid argument requires the speaker to identify himself. True, it certainly helps to understand a person’s point of view if you know who’s speaking, but wouldn’t you agree that an argument should stand or fall on its own merit?  So on LODI365, well described and defended points of view are more important than personalities. Identities are preferred, but optional.  Also, it’s difficult to make a fallacious ad hominem attack if you don’t know the identity of the one you’re attacking … and it’s harder to take offense.

Looking forBig Thinkers

Before LODI365 goes “Live”,  we want to create a pool of “Big Thinkers” willing to write future articles.  You may have one passion in life or several.  You may follow the news and need to vent from time to time.  It doesn’t matter … only that you take a position and do your best to support it.

We set the qualifications as low as possible:

1) have points of view on issues of public interest
2) the ability to express them
3) a sense of humor (optional)
4) the patience to consider the viewpoints of others, and
5) the maturity to control savage responses (just joking!)

If you (or someone you know) would like to participate, please let us know.