What is LODI365?
LODI365 is a free, “real time“, forum for Lodi-area residents desiring to express themselves on issues of public interest.

How Does LODI365 Differ From LODINEWS and LODI360?
As the online version of the Lodi News~Sentinel, LODINEWS publishes a wide range of news written and edited by professional journalists.   LODI360 publishes “softer” news on a much smaller scale with an emphasis on photojournalism.  Both invite the public to participate with opinion articles and commentary.  LODI365, on the other hand, offers locals the ability to write and self-publish articles of any length from thoughtful masterpieces to early morning flashes of enlightenment.  In turn, others with similar or contrary views are invited to respond.  It’s free, lightly monitored, and happens in REAL TIME.  No waiting for editorial approvals.

Rules of Conduct
Civility trumps free speech.  Keep it clean, don’t threaten, be truthful, nice, and as reverential as possible.

How May I Participate?
See “How to Participate