LODI365 participants are only asked to register with WordPress.com.  This offers us some measure of control, but does not require you to identify yourself.

Step #1:  Register
Enter a valid Email address and make up a Username and secure Password.  Once you Sign Up, you will receive an email from WordPress.com with a link to confirm your registration.  Click that link and you’re ready to Log In.   If you already have an account with WordPress.com, you may use it instead of creating a new one.

WP Registration











Step #2:
  Log In to LODI365
After you have registered and confirmed your registration via email, simply Log In to LODI365 using the link on the home page.  If you mark the “Stay signed in”  check box,  the system should automatically recognize you each time you visit the website.  Now you may comment on any article posted by an “Author”.  Your first comment will be moderated … that is to say, reviewed before being posted … after which your subsequent comments will post immediately.  Authors are a pool of local writers with permission to start new topics of conversation.  Contact LODI365 if you wish to become an Author.

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